Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Not So Expensive Version!

This first necklace is just a fun necklace to have.  The words "Lucky" are stamped on a penny and hung with a green gem.  It comes on an 18" chain that is silver.  This necklace is only $10 and a great gift.

These next two necklace show what I can do with stamped necklace, but the material used is copper, brass, bronze, and nickel. The nickel has the look of sterling silver-without the price. If you are looking for this type of style, but don't like the price of sterling silver, then these necklaces are for you.  I can mix and match the metals or you can just choose one you like.  The circles do come in different shapes and I also can do different sizes of ovals and squares.  The quality of these necklaces do look amazing at half the cost.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Something New!!!

Want the same look for almost half the cost?  I am now featuring personalized necklaces on brass, copper, and aluminum.  The aluminum has the look of silver, but at a lower cost.  You can decide if you want a sterling silver chain or just silver plated.  Shapes include Circles (different sizes), squares, long and short rectangles, hearts, and ovals.  I will get a sample out soon!!!