Monday, October 3, 2011

Here are some different type of necklaces that I have been working on.  I love this personalized necklace because I don't see a lot of them and if you put it on a long chain, it really looks nice.
 These have been a popular necklace with all my friends who are "sports moms"!!  I can pretty much put anything on it like grandma, aunt sister, etc..  They are fun while watching your child compete.  Only $15
 Feeling Lucky?  I love this one, it reminds me how lucky I really am and how blessed!
 These are great because you know I am addicted to Diet Mountain Dew and I don't care who knows it!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Make your gift Personal!!!

Everyone loves a gift that feels like a lot of time attention was put into it,  and that is what I can provide!!!  Make your gift personal by adding names, initials, or a special saying.  I work with all types of metals so I can work with your budget.  I can do sterling silver items and I can also do the same look with nickel, brass, and copper.  I have many shapes and sizes to choose from and can pretty much create what you can imagine.  I also do bracelets.  It is getting close to the holiday season, so get thinking about that special someone you want to do something for ( or just buy one for yourself).  You can contact me at with your order until I get my website up and running!!  Happy Shopping!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Inspirational Bracelets

This is a new item that I am featuring.  I just featured this item on and it was great!!!  They are really fun and you can decide what saying you want and what color of leather you would like as well.  I have been wearing the "peace" bracelet a lot because I need to remember to breathe and take time to enjoy the small moments!!  I am offering these for $8 a piece and make for great gifts.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

In Stock Sale!!!!

Ok, so today Brandee and I had a little party at my house to sell some of the products that we have in stock.  We wanted to offer good deals on those things that we already had in stock and didn't have to make or order materials.  It was a great success, but we do still have some product available.  I am offering some of my in stock products at a discounted price.  I have these necklaces available and will sell them for $10.  They come on an 18 inch silver chain. 

 I also have these necklaces that I am offering for $10 as well.  Again with an 18 inch chain.
 Below are some of the silver pieces that I have in stock.  If you want to order a personalized necklace and I have the silver shapes in stock, then I will personalize them for you starting at $15 for one piece of silver, a pearl, and with an 18 inch silver plated necklace.  Each additional piece will be just $3.  The larger circles will be an additional $5.  This is an incredible deal and such great gift ideas!!!  I know that it is early for christmas, but that is my busy season and I can tell you prices will not be this low.  If you are interested, just e-mail with orders and I will see if the pieces are still available.  This will be a first come first serve bases.  If I have to order pieces the price will be more.  If you want to get a sterling silver chain, then the cost will also increase by $6.  Thank You for your business.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Not So Expensive Version!

This first necklace is just a fun necklace to have.  The words "Lucky" are stamped on a penny and hung with a green gem.  It comes on an 18" chain that is silver.  This necklace is only $10 and a great gift.

These next two necklace show what I can do with stamped necklace, but the material used is copper, brass, bronze, and nickel. The nickel has the look of sterling silver-without the price. If you are looking for this type of style, but don't like the price of sterling silver, then these necklaces are for you.  I can mix and match the metals or you can just choose one you like.  The circles do come in different shapes and I also can do different sizes of ovals and squares.  The quality of these necklaces do look amazing at half the cost.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Something New!!!

Want the same look for almost half the cost?  I am now featuring personalized necklaces on brass, copper, and aluminum.  The aluminum has the look of silver, but at a lower cost.  You can decide if you want a sterling silver chain or just silver plated.  Shapes include Circles (different sizes), squares, long and short rectangles, hearts, and ovals.  I will get a sample out soon!!!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

20% OFF

E-mail me at and mention that you found me through groopdealz, and you will get 20% off any custom sterling silver necklace. This is a great way to put your loved ones on a unique necklace. It is all sterling silver and prices start at $35. Additional price is added with each additional piece of silver. Tell me what you want and I will let you know the price!! This offer is good July4th-July 8th. Happy Shopping!!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Most Popular Items!!!

The perfect gift is something personal. Here are some of the most popular necklaces that I have made. The necklaces are ALL sterling silver and will last a lifetime. So many different arrangements of silver, copper, and brass can be made to individualize each piece. I also have many shapes and sizes to choose from.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Baby Bracelet

Ok, so I'm going to brag for just a second.  This is my youngest child and I love this picture that my good friend took (  But that isn't the reason why I'm posting this picture.  I would like you to look at the bracelet she has around her wrist ( you might have to click on the picture to see it up close).  This is another piece I can do for a baby or child.  I have her name on it, but below is a picture of what it looks like up close.  You can put a name or "princess" or "sweet pea" whatever you choose.  It is all sterling silver and so I don't ever take it off my baby.  I also have one that is similar to this but has scalloped edges on the top and bottom. Both very cute and a great gift.( $30)

Some ideas for creating your own necklace

Here are some ideas to create a unique necklace just for you or someone you love.
These are longer rectangular pieces.   They come in silver and copper.  You can mix and match or just do all silver.
 Here is a necklace using all different  shapes and then putting the last name initial on a copper piece.
 You can choose different sizes of circles and stack them like this one.
 These next two necklaces are a good choice if you want to keep the cost down, but still display all of your little ones/loved ones.

Just another way to keep things unique and stylish!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Best gift ever!!

This turned out to be such a fun gift to my mom! For her 50th wedding anniversary, Julie put this together for me. She put the last initial of each family on the square, the number of children in each family on the flower, and the birthstone of each of her kids as the gem. Beyond my expectations!! It is a little pricey (because EVERYTHING is sterling), but it's a great gift for the whole family to go in together!


This is just an example of a few colors of belts we have. So cute to wear to church with a dress. Can be made in any color!

Monday, May 16, 2011


These headbands are the perfect hair accessory for any girl. Here are just some examples of what can be created. Choose your own color and design and it will be created for you. You can choose from a hard headband, an elastic headband, clip, or bobby pin. Who wouldn't want these as part of their outfit?

Graduation Gifts & Teacher Gifts

Looking for a GREAT graduation gift? This stamped necklace is the perfect gift. It is ALL sterling silver and can be personalized with the initial of the girl's name. The pearl adds a great touch and will sure to be worn every day!!!
Another great idea is a soldered necklace with the College of you Choice. Here is my college, but I can do any college you choose. Great way to get her excited for the next adventure!!!

Here are some ideas for TEACHER GIFTS! Nothing says thank you like an ALL sterling silver necklace. You can make it personal with their name or just a great saying. They are sure to love this!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Another example

There is nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby! Especially when mine are all running around crazy!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sweet Baby

I'm a little biased....but this is the sweetest baby! My newest niece Baby B. I LOVE her! It is so fun to see the way people use our products!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Darling Family

I love how this cute Mom matched her headbands to the Easter dresses. Could these kids be any cuter? I love to see all the fun colors! Thanks for sharing Court!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Wedding hair clips and Easter

Have an Easter dress you need to match? Just let me know the color and I can design something just for you. Here is an example

I just finished some clips for a wedding and thought I would share. The brides is on a comb, and the two bridesmaids are on clips. The black is really pretty in blond hair!