Sunday, September 11, 2011

Make your gift Personal!!!

Everyone loves a gift that feels like a lot of time attention was put into it,  and that is what I can provide!!!  Make your gift personal by adding names, initials, or a special saying.  I work with all types of metals so I can work with your budget.  I can do sterling silver items and I can also do the same look with nickel, brass, and copper.  I have many shapes and sizes to choose from and can pretty much create what you can imagine.  I also do bracelets.  It is getting close to the holiday season, so get thinking about that special someone you want to do something for ( or just buy one for yourself).  You can contact me at with your order until I get my website up and running!!  Happy Shopping!


  1. can you do the overlap one with 5 names? I'm looking at the necklaces on groupdealz and wondering if you are limited to 4 names or how it works. please let me know. also can you get the overlap one for the same 415 price? thanks, Kalli

  2. Just wondering how we place an order? There are a couple of necklaces I would like but I don't know where to place an order.

  3. How much would it cost to have a 2 names put on the silver with a heart?