Tuesday, August 16, 2011

In Stock Sale!!!!

Ok, so today Brandee and I had a little party at my house to sell some of the products that we have in stock.  We wanted to offer good deals on those things that we already had in stock and didn't have to make or order materials.  It was a great success, but we do still have some product available.  I am offering some of my in stock products at a discounted price.  I have these necklaces available and will sell them for $10.  They come on an 18 inch silver chain. 

 I also have these necklaces that I am offering for $10 as well.  Again with an 18 inch chain.
 Below are some of the silver pieces that I have in stock.  If you want to order a personalized necklace and I have the silver shapes in stock, then I will personalize them for you starting at $15 for one piece of silver, a pearl, and with an 18 inch silver plated necklace.  Each additional piece will be just $3.  The larger circles will be an additional $5.  This is an incredible deal and such great gift ideas!!!  I know that it is early for christmas, but that is my busy season and I can tell you prices will not be this low.  If you are interested, just e-mail with orders and I will see if the pieces are still available.  This will be a first come first serve bases.  If I have to order pieces the price will be more.  If you want to get a sterling silver chain, then the cost will also increase by $6.  Thank You for your business.

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